Breathtaking Boulder... the Flatirons, the University, the charm of Pearl Street.


Nestled below the Flatirons and foothills of the Rockies, Boulder is a magnet for the outdoor enthusiast, the academic mind, as well as the spiritual seeker. Rock climbing, bicycling, running, hiking provide training for the amateur and professional alike. The University of Colorado at Boulder is the flag ship for academics, and the various federal research agencies thrive in Boulder. Naropa University is one of several well-known spiritual centers in Boulder. The natural beauty of the Flatirons and mountains nearby draw the young and old to Boulder. It is truly eclectic.


The Flatirons is an iconic symbol of Boulder. Red rock sandstone slabs thrust up from the Earth’s upheaval create a beautiful back drop for Boulder. It epitomizes the draw to Boulder – natural beauty, physical challenge, and timeless allure. Public trails lead visitors to the Flatirons and beyond. Near the base is Chautauqua Park with its venerable auditorium and quaint cottages. Historically, professors from all over the country – and world – came to Chautauqua to exchange ideas and test theories. Having a retreat in Boulder was a natural, given the proximity of the University of Colorado campus in Boulder.


Boulder is the flagship for all the university campuses throughout the state. It boasts over 33,000 students and has a major impact on the Boulder scene. “The Hill” is home to restaurants, book stores, and shops catering to students. Surrounding neighborhoods also cater to the students by providing housing in private homes, rental apartments and market rate condominiums. Many graduates stay in Boulder and make it their permanent home. As such, Boulder has become a mini-version of Silicon Valley with Google and other tech start-ups setting up business in Boulder.


Boulder visionaries tried something unique more than 40 years ago when they closed off a portion of their downtown “main street” and converted it to a pedestrian mall. Instead of cars driving up and down the street, people fill the sidewalks and park-like plaza. The Pearl Street Mall continues to be a huge success: shops, restaurants, hotels and condos line the street and beyond. Sidewalk mimes and street performers enchant the many visitors throughout the year.


The Mapleton neighborhood probably has the most original homes, settled in 1858. Homes range from huge and grand to small and cozy. University Hill has substantial homes, bungalows, sorority and frat houses, and newer condos and apartments. Just below Chautauqua Park is a mix of rambling ranch homes built in the 40’s and 50’s, along with old stone farm houses and newer “pop tops.” South of Chautauqua is the Table Mesa subdivision with NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) nestled in the foothills and Flatirons. North Boulder also has a range of old and newer homes with Boulder Community Hospital located there.


As residents yearned to move into the mountains, people moved to Pinebrook Hills, Sunshine Canyon and Boulder Canyon. With the popularity of Boulder, developers responded by building east – Gun Barrel was one of the first subdivisions to appeal to those moving to Boulder with IBM. The Meadows Tennis and Swim Club and surrounding homes sprang up on the outskirts of Boulder near 55th.  Now, these areas are part of the fabric of Boulder.

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