We all have heard how first impressions are the most important.

It’s definitely true in homes – whether it’s street appeal for a single family home or the entry way of your condo or loft, having a good first impression stays with today’s buyer.

With so many options to choose from, we want your potential buyer to decide they must see your home!

Some ideas for improving that first impression:

  • Take a critical look at your front entry.
    Does the door need repainting or refinishing? Would some color help, such as a wreath or potted plant? Is the front porch light dirty or in need of replacement? Is your “welcome mat” a bit tired?
  • From the street, take a critical look at your yard.
    Does it need a good weeding? Some new grass seed or sod? How about pruning shrubs or trees? Is your garden hose tucked away neatly and are the children’s toys out of the way? A tidy and clean exterior reflects the same inside.
  • As you walk into your home, what is the “wow” factor?
    Can your buyer see well – or is it dark and cluttered inside? First of all, de-clutter! That means boxing up all the mementos and knick-knacks you may have collected over the years. Remove over-sized furniture and visually open up the rooms. Keep your lights on for showings; and be sure your windows and screens are clean inside and out. It’s amazing how clean windows can affect the look and feel of your home or loft.
  • Take a critical look at the cleanliness of your home.
    After a while, we get accustomed to our hardwood floors losing their shine or our carpets getting a bit worn and dirty. Do these need to be replaced or refinished? Are the bathrooms presentable? New, fresh towels may be well worth the expense. Does the home need a deep cleaning?


I would be happy to meet with you and walk through your home to help you take that critical look. It’s that first impression that the buyer remembers!